My name is Alexander Clines and I am a Software Engineer at Google.

I currently have two bachelor’s degrees (Mathematics & Computer Science) with the hopes of pursuing graduate school in the future.

A fundamental philosophy of mine is the mentality of “strong as weakest link” and I have taken every step towards helping those around me. I have demonstrated this in my undergraduate career with my leadership position in a student organization (SDC) at Texas Tech University, I ran multiple workshops helping other undergraduates develop and strengthen various skills such as Android development, Node.JS development and C++ development for high performance computing. Whether it was those workshops, or my work in high school outreach with the TTU Mathematics Department, I am always looking for ways to strengthen the community around me.

I am always open to new opportunities where I can contribute to the greater effort of pushing humanity forward and stretching the limits of technology in a meaningful way.

When a standard resume isn’t enough

This website is intended to go beyond what a simple, one page resume can do. Here you can find more information about me, extended details on the items that do appear on my resume as well as accomplishments, experiences, etc. that I have done yet did not make it to my resume.

On the About page you not just find a link to my standard resume, but you will find that this page acts as a more comprehensive resume, containing all those things that you might want to know about me but could not find a home on my standard resume.